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We also offer Cassette and CD/DVD Duplication and Transfer Vinyl and Audio and Video tapes to CD/DVD. Located just a couple of blocks South of Downtown Fort Worth in the freshly redesigned lovely Sunny South Side!.

Invite to the Art & Look For Spotlight. Every Thursday, here and on KERA FM, we'll check out the cultural imagination occurring in North Texas. As it grows, this website, artandseek.org/spotlight, will ultimately paint a collective portrait of our creative community. Check out all the artists and artworks we've chronicled . R&B singer Leon Bridges burst onto the music scene in 2015 with a voice like Sam Cooke, a retro appearance and an old-school sound.

In this week's Art & Look for Spotlight, we go to the studio and fulfill the music makers putting Fort Worth on the map. Niles City Sound is an old-fashioned recording studio situated inside a 100-year-old warehouse simply south of downtown Fort Worth. The studio's 4 years old, but it has a dated appearance; beige walls, wood paneling in the control room and loads of vintage analog music devices.

They have actually come to Niles City Noise because they want their album to have a specific sort of sound. They desire it to sound like it was tape-recorded in the well-known Sun Studio . Niles City's co-founder Josh Block is working with the band, "I'm always going, so whenever you people are comfortable," he says looking down at The Tender Things from his second-floor control space.

Prior to being a partner at Niles City Noise, he owned a trailer house that had been transformed into a music studio. "He had this incredible location outside of Austin," says Chris Vivion. Vivion's another co-founder of Niles City. "It was in the country and we might type of do whatever the heck we desired.

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You never ever understood who was going to appear. However you 'd go out there, hang out and you might get some tunes tape-recorded. "It was really long," Block says while chuckling. "It was called a Spartan Imperial Estate. And it was the estate of trailers. But it was totally gutted and reconstructed.

But back then I was utilizing Logic (music software application)." Since of Block's interest in audio equipment, he's actually gathered a lot of the studio's uncommon recording gear. And they have some really uncommon pieces, like The Grateful Dead's reel to reel tape recorder and the mixing console from Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde." The majority of the studio's gear was made throughout the 1940s, with more costly materials like steel and copper.

" What we use now is no place near as remarkable [as the devices from the past], says Block. "If we might return in time, hear that [music] while it was recorded to that medium and remain in that sound booth while we were listening to playback-- its much better. It's much better." Vivion and Block started Niles City with pal and fellow artist Austin Jenkins.

Vivion was their trip manager. However when the trio chose to carry on and quit dealing with the group, they decided to transfer to North Texas. The relocation was a sort of homecoming for all three. Vivion had actually resided in the region throughout college when he attended the University of North Texas in Denton.

Jenkins was born and raised in Weatherford, which he says wasn't the most musical of locations, and Block's from Waxahachie. Once they got settled, the fellas started discussing starting a music studio. However not a conventional one ... "We generally had this idea-- that I still might be cool (laughs)-- where people are available in and play their tunes but sort of force them to play them to an old-school video cassette recorder and not in any type of manner in which they're used to," states Jenkins.

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" We wished to do like a live-to-radio studio. However as you're putting something like that together it's really possible that you 'd get sidetracked with something else. Being a production studio's what we got sidetracked with ... luckily." They were extremely lucky. Their radio studio wasn't working, but they had this vision of recording musicians live-to-tape which was something ... "While we were putting that together we fulfilled Leon," states Jenkins.

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And he was gon na let us do it that type of method since that was something we were truly thrilled about. Not just because of the sonic aspects, however we were looking for a job that suit that zone." Yea, that Leon-- Leon Bridges. The results were better than they 'd envisioned.

The studio wound up with a gold record. However Bridges is barely recording studio jobs dallas their only client. Jason Burt's half of the popular Dallas duo Medication Guy Revival . He says that what the men from Niles City Noise provided for Bridges is very outstanding and should be applauded more often. Burt states dealing with them is like a dream and that he truly admires Jenkins approach.

You understand, it was cool. It was actually sweet actually," states Burt. Fort Worth singer-songwriter Grady Spencer feels likewise about dealing with Niles City. He made a single at the studio, then an album. "They have actually terrific concepts about how to make a tune sound the finest that it can," he says.

It was a really fun time recording with those guys." Now, the group says, they wish to do the very same for other artists in the region. "We've actually discovered how important it is to construct and support relationships with regional artists," states Block. "There's stories to be told in Dallas, and in Denton as well, and if we can just put a spotlight on this area it's such a terrific thing for everybody," says Jenkins.

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Vivion says it's part of the new objective. "One of the important things we have actually determined as a problem being outside of a music center," Vivion describes, "is that when you're an artist and you're originating from a place like Fort Worth, it is difficult. You've got bills and your time is purchased a great deal of locations.

But we wish to remain here. We desire to be here. There's a lot skill and creativity which we wish to export. This can be a music center too." The people'll be working with Check out Fort Worth to carry out a contest. The winner will get to produce a song at Niles City Sound.

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